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Zombies, Run! 5k Training Completed!

I made the run to Bert Airfield today, finally! Had a busier week last week than expected so I wasn’t able to run on Friday as planned. But that’s okay because by running today I tied everything up in a nice bow and completed one of my initial goals.

See I’ve got two main running locations, a field and park near my house, and Fort Ord. My first mission, er, the introduction? The part where my helicopter crashed, I ran on the Ord. I thought, “Hey the BLM field office is at the end of this road. I bet I can work towards that!”And so, after work some days during bear project, I would run on the Ord and get a little closer every time. Then running after work became less feasible, so I stuck to running in the morning at home.

But this week I am house sitting in the area, so I was back at the Fort! Which is a great backdrop for this thing, by the way. There’s watch towers and disconnected power lines and rubble and UXO signs and stuff.

And the timing was almost good. The field office is my new Bert Airfield, but mission wise I still had a ways to go. (Joking to myself, “What, run to the Impossible City now? Hahahhahaha NO.”)

I wasn’t able to run the entire thing, but I feel pretty good about my pace (alternating run/walk) especially considering that I learned yesterday that I may have a torn LCL or meniscus in my right knee. (Either I aggravated an old injury or gained a new one, either way I started running AFTER I did whatever it was, haha.)

Due to a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of this mission, I had a longer workout than what I recorded but it’s all good.

So what’s next? Season 1, obviously!

In honor of completing the 5k training, I’ve included under a cut my playlist as it currently stands. What’s your playlist look like?

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt by Grzegorz Domaradzki

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sweaty camelnocon eats a WHOLE Bear 9.7/10




a kitten trying super hard to fight a ceramic cat statue


Oh god oh god

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